Ezras Israel provides several ongoing educational programs during the course of the year. On Shabbat afternoons the MISHNA class currently meets 45 minutes before Mincha. This class has been meeting regularly for many years and newcomers are always welcome and encouraged. There is a Gemara class which meets Sunday mornings following services, and is a continuation of the Talmud class that has met on Shabbat for half a century.

Every Shabbat morning, preceding the Mechitza Minyan, there is a class on the weekly Parsha, each year  focused on a different Bible Commentary. Following the Hashkama Minyan is a class in Aggadot Chazal or Halachic Midrash.

Ezras Israel Men’s Club sponsors a series of Sunday morning brunch/lectures during the Autumn and Spring.
Please check the calendar for the tentative schedule.

During the late Autumn and Spring months, Rabbi Wax conducts two series of classes: Jewish Thought and a Bible Study class. Please consult your calendar for dates and times. These classes meet on Tuesday mornings

Our own Rabbi Asher Dordek conducts a Discussion of Midrash on Wednesday evenings.

Classes Schedule

Faye Stein Education Program
8:45 AM Parsha - Rabbi Asher Dordek
9:15 AM Midrash - Jeremy Friedman
3:10 PM - Mishna - Rabbi Wax

Sunday morning - 8:30
Talmud with Rabbi Wax -  This class will not meet during the winter months. It will resume on April 2
Weekday mornings - 6:25
Halachic Topics - Jeremy Friedman
Tues Mornings - R' Wax
9:15 - Jewish Thought
10:30 - Bible Study
 This class will not meet during the winter months. It will resume on April 4

Wednesday - 7:15 PM
Rabbi Asher Dordek - Midrash

Tue, September 26 2017 6 Tishrei 5778