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Zoom Meeting: Rabbi Falk: Video interactive class

Ezras Israel online Torah learning .
I look forward to virtually meeting together,
Yitzchak Falk
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Zoom Class…
Meeting ID: 755 235 1150
Password: 311176

See facebook group 'Friends of Ezras Israel' for link information or email the rabbi at:


  • Monday (10/26) 8 pm - Ongoing Chumash shiur "The Life of Avraham" (Parshat Vayeira)
  • Thursday (10/29) 8 pm - Parsha Shiur "Brit Milah and the Land of Israel" 
  • Motzei Shabbat (10/31) 7 pm Mishna shiur -  Masechet: Ediyot



Classes Schedule (classes will resume when Covid allows)

Faye Stein Adult Education Program
8:30 AM Parsha - Rabbi Yitzchak Falk
9:15 AM Gemara - Jeremy Friedman
30 minutes before Mincha - Mishna - Rabbi Falk

Sunday morning - 8:30
Halacha topics with Rabbi Falk. Once a month we have a guest from the YU Kollel lead the class

Tues Mornings - R' Wax
9:15 - Jewish Thought
10:30 - Bible Study
 This class will not meet during the winter months.


Mon, October 26 2020 8 Cheshvan 5781