Active in the Chicago Jewish Community

Our shul tries to be active within our own community. We host some important events that cater to many segments of the Chicago Jewish Community:

The Ark - Chanukah Party - Each year on the Sunday of Chanukah we host the Ark's Party for their clients. 250 guests participate in this wonderful event.

Orthodox Jewish Singles - A local group, hosts Shabbat events for singles. We have hosted deudah Shlisheet and Ongei Shabbat for this important and vital group.

Yachad - We have been very fortunate that Yachad, an organization for people with physical disabilities has chosen twice to have a Shabbaton in our shul. We sonsored the Kiddsuh and Seudah Shlisheet and all our members enjoyed soending Shabbat with this special group.

NCSY - We have hosted a Shabbaton

Blood Drives - Each winter, under the leadership of Jeremy Friedman, we have hosted a blood drive in our Auditorium.

Decalogue Society - We have twice hosted lectures and symposiums for the attorneys in this group,

YU Kollel - Each month a member of the Kollel speaks at our Seudah Shlisheet. Also, once a month, a member of the kollel gives our Sunday morning Halacha class

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