Weekly Dvar Torah

On this page we will present a short Dvar Torah prepared either by our rabbi or by one of our members or one of our member's children. Enjoy.

Parshat Vayikra - Submitted by Eli Kleinman


“V’Nefesh ki takriv karban mincha l’Hashem” (2:1)

Rashi asks, why is the Korban mincha the only Korban Nedava [voluntary offering] that uses the word “Nefesh” [soul]? Rashi answers, that a meal offering is usually a korban offered by a poor person. Since a poor person sacrifices more than a rich person to give a voluntary offering, Hashem considers the sacrifice as a gift from the “Nefesh” [soul].

HaRav Eliyahu Meir Bloch z”l adds to this that when a wealthy person brings an expensive korban, he feels he has given enough to earn himself repentance or reward. The poor man however, knows that what he gave is inexpensive and is nothing compared to that of the rich man so he offers his soul together with the korban as a way to entreat Hashem to accept his offering. That sense of humility when he brings with the korban make it more special to Hashem since it is as if he “gave his soul” with the korban.

This teaches us that whatever we do in our service to Hashem, it is not about the quantity that Hashem looks for, but the attitude and intent that come with it.

Tue, September 26 2017 6 Tishrei 5778