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Active in the Chicago Jewish Community

Ezras Israel is a welcoming, active community! In addition to daily minyanim, Torah learning, shiurim and membership events, we are proud to partner with other community organizations for important events:

YU Kollel - We have a vibrant relationship with the YU Kollel, including monthly shiurim during סעודה שלישית and monthly Sunday morning Halacha classes delivered by Kollel members. See the calendar for the next YU Kollel event at Ezras Israel.

The Ark - Chanukah Party - Each year on the Sunday of Chanukah we host the Ark's client Channukah Party. 250 guests participate in this wonderful event.

Orthodox Jewish Singles - A local group, hosts Shabbat events for singles. We have hosted סעודה שלישית and Ongei Shabbat for this important and vital group.

Yachad - We have been very fortunate that Yachad, an organization for people with physical disabilities, has selected Ezras Israel as the location for their annual Shabbaton. In honor of the event, the community sponsored a grand iddsuh and סעודה שלישית and all our members enjoyed spending Shabbat with this special group.

NCSY Shabbaton- hundreds of teens from across the greater Chicago area gathered on Shabbat for the best candy-filled kiddush of the year!

Blood Drives - Under the leadership of Rabbi Jeremy Friedman, we host a blood drive in the Rosenberg Auditorium every winter. See the calendar for the next scheduled blood drive!

Decalogue Society - We have been honored to host lectures and symposiums for the attorneys in this group, and are proud to count several past-presidents in our membership.

Fri, December 14 2018 6 Tevet 5779