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Register for Minyan Start 6/14/20


We will give first priority to members of the shul that are up-to-date on their membership or have a payment plan

By registering here for the minyan you agree to:

Every minyan participant must:

  1. Wear a face mask over their nose and mouth.
  2. Wash their hands with water and soap, or use hand sanitizer as soon as entering the shul.
  3. Be assigned a davening location that is at least eight feet away from anyone else’s davening location.
  4. Bring their own siddur and chumash or have an assigned siddur and chumash that will not be used by anyone else.
  5. Affirm that they are symptom-free, that they will abide by the rules of distancing and hygiene, and if G-d forbid, they develop
  6. any symptoms, they will immediately contact the Rav of the shul who will then inform the other members of that minyan.

Additional Minyan protocol for the 1st month of reopening (in addition to what is already stated in cRc guidelines adapted for our shul)

  • Official minyan start time will be at Yishtabach.
  • The Shaliach Tzibor will be appointed in advance and should do Pesukei d'Zimra in Shul at the Bima.
  • Everyone else is encouraged to put on Tallit / Tallit & Tefillin at home and daven Pesukei d'Zimra there and arrive a few minutes before the time for Yishtabach. Those who want to do Pesukei d'Zimra in shul are permitted to do so.
  • Shir shel Yom should also be said at home / outside the context of the Minyan. The Minyan will conclude with the Mourner's Kaddish following Aleinu for both weekdays and Shabbat (no Ani Zemirot).
  • We will do the Mishebeirach for Cholim & prayers for country, Israel, and Israeli soldier on Shabbat provided we are able to keep the total service time to 1-½ hour.

Torah service -

  • The Shaliach Tzibor will open / close the ark and take out the Torah.
  • The Shaliach Tzibor will take the Torah directly from the Ark to the Bima.
  • The same basic process for returning the Torah.
  • The Baal Korei will do each of the 7 aliyot
  • The gabbai will in a normal tone voice call between each aliyah - "Ya'amode Rishon", "Ya'amode Sheni."
  • A Kohen should stay in the minyan, even though he isn't called for the 1st aliya. There is no separate Maftir aliya.
  • Following leining, the Baal Koreh will move away from the Bima and someone will do both Hagba and Gelila by putting the sefer Torah on the Bima following Hagba.
  • The Baal Korei will do the Haftorah and do the Kaddish for the leining only after reading the Haftorah.
At all times only one person should be at the Bima.
Start times for Shachrit have been adjusted - considering that the listed time is for Yishtabach rather than the beginning of davening.  

At this time registration is only for Adults and children 10+.  Please note: Our max per minyan is 30 people. If we run over this number, we will have to limit the number of children. CHILDREN MUST SIT WITH A PARENT AT ALL TIMES.
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Meeting ID: 755 235 1150
Password: 311176

See facebook group 'Friends of Ezras Israel' for link information or email the rabbi at:
Fri, April 16 2021 4 Iyyar 5781